Application Research on Image Color Gamut Visualization Using Volume Rendering Method


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Image-dependent color gamut mapping can avoid over compression of the image gamut, so it is able to protect the accuracy in color transfer. The premise of realizing image-dependent color gamut mapping is to determine the image color gamut boundary quickly. Now several techniques for the computation of gamut boundary have been presented in the past, e.g. the convex hull algorithm and the segment maxima algorithm. However, the printing image tend to have a higher resolution, it can be very slow and less efficient while using these methods to determine the image gamut boundary. In this article we will introduce a new pre-processing method based on volume rendering to process the image data to improve the speed of gamut visualization.



Edited by:

Ouyang Yun, Xu Min, Yang Li and Liu Xunting




Y. W. Jiang et al., "Application Research on Image Color Gamut Visualization Using Volume Rendering Method", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 262, pp. 27-30, 2013

Online since:

December 2012




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