Physical Simulation on Forging Method with Horizontal V-Shaped Anvil


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The forging method with horizontal V – shaped anvil is introduced to control fibrous tissue flow direction through changing shape of anvil, its working face is composed of four projecting cone, it can realize no transverse tensile stress forging. For this, in the paper qualitative physical simulation was carried out. The results show that there was no crack between the hole and the pin in deformation zone of rectangular billet by horizontal V – shaped anvil forging method, therefore, the authors think that there no transverse tensile stress in deformation zone of billet in the forging process of horizontal V – shaped anvil.



Edited by:

Huawu Liu, Yongxin Yang, Shijie Shen, Zhili Zhong, Laijiu Zheng and Peng Feng




Y. J. Zhang et al., "Physical Simulation on Forging Method with Horizontal V-Shaped Anvil", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 268-270, pp. 454-457, 2013

Online since:

December 2012




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