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Authors: Jin Xian Yang, Xing Jie Li
Abstract: More and more LCNG fueling stations being built in several cities of China, it brings some problems on safety ensuring, rapidly constructing, cost saving, stable controlling, convenient moving. According to the requirements of the technological process, a kind of skid-mounted LCNG (Liquefied Compressed Natural Gas-engines) fueling station is designed. The station integrates those main equipments, such as LNG cryogenic pump, LNG vaporizer, and electrical control cabinet. Using a touch screen with a PLC in the electrical control cabinet, and it is an easy and less cost way to discharging the field controlling. The control system structure and the software are also designed for stable controlling. Compared to traditional CNG fueling station, it can be less land consumption, low construction cost, easily moving, and the skid-mounted LCNG fueling station has very wide application foreground.
Authors: Li Tan
Abstract: With the development of society, people's living standard is increasing, and various aspects of the personalized demand change stronger. The machinery manufacturing industry faces the severe challenge although it has already penetrated into all walks of life and has become the foundation of industry. The emergence of the computer leads the manufacturing industry into the era of information. It is used as a new tool to enter the factory, making the manufacturing industry undergo tremendous changes, Based on the analysis of the computer's application in mechanical manufacturing, this paper exploratory analysis the innovative application in machinery manufacturing.
Authors: Yan Qiu Wang, Nai Lian Hu, Li Ping Li
Abstract: To find the effective technological innovation management mode in the whole technological process of the enterprises, this paper made a comparative study on the concepts, models and characters of continuous and discontinuous innovation, and provided an important criterion to define continuous and discontinuous innovation whether the technological trajectory and technological paradigm are the same. According to the technological growth curve, the process of technological innovation is divided into the growth phase, plateau phase and transitional phase, then the paper proposed that the enterprises should adopt innovation combination, conduct continuous and discontinuous innovation management activities during technological growth and technology alternation, and the author built the manage model of the continuous and discontinuous innovation based on technological growth.
Authors: Bing Zhong
Abstract: To counter the current situation that undergraduate course teaching separates from the real enterprise producing, and the terrible capacity for work in the undergraduates trained by university, the paper is to explore the "Case-run through type" Teaching Model of Machinery Manufacturing. The model depends on a certain mechanical product, according to the production task to decompose and build a practice teaching system, then to design practice teaching content by the production technology process and sequence. By use of the model, the students can well understand the theoretical knowledge. And it further can help students stimulate the learning interest. Therefore, the students' operation skills and comprehensive ability were greatly improved. In the meantime, the teaching abilities of teachers were also improved.
Authors: Ping Lin, Xiang Bin Zhang
Abstract: Almost each product is produced by more than one enterprise, so resource sharing and cooperation become more and more important. Small and medium-size manufacturing enterprises sometimes have not enough resources to complete the orders and they have to look for cooperators to meet the market demands. Inverse optimization model of linear programming is suitable for solving resource optimal allocation for small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises in dynamic grid. This paper establishes an inverse optimization model of a linear programming for grid resources management. To meet market demand, conditional on optimal production and product portfolios, this model adjusts the parameters in resources optimal allocation, and reverses the process of optimization. This inverse optimal model helps the enterprise node to adjust its structure and the number of resources allocation to better meet market demand and maximize the interests according to its budget.
Authors: Jian Yong Liu, Huai Xiao Wang, Ning Wang, Lei Zhou
Abstract: In order to reduce the cost and improve efficiency at the same time of maintaining the underground defensive projects thermal and humidity environment, in this paper, on the basis of the analysis of the control method of underground defensive projects thermal and humidity environment, DEA evaluation method is used to evaluate the control scheme of underground defensive projects thermal and humidity environment. An example of evaluation is given. The example shows that the method used in this paper can be used to order the control scheme of underground defensive projects thermal and humidity environment effectively.
Authors: Di Wang, Chang You Liu
Abstract: In order to achieve a real-time control method and technical support for airlines, the integrated modeling issue of airlines about seat inventory control and overbooking has been researched in this paper. And the integrated control static model has been established by the stochastic programming method, based on ticket sales process to be simulated as a queue process and profit maximization to be objective function. So the problem is decomposed into a plurality of single-segment and single-class seat inventory control problem. Furthermore, the optimal decision-making equation of limiting reservation for each class has been deduced from the model. Finally, the validity of model and calculation method are shown by the full analysis of practical application of the model.
Authors: Si Qing Liu
Abstract: Combining the actual situation of the electricity industry, this paper aims to help the staff establish a set of scientific and reasonable Indication System for Life Cycle Asset Management through improving and perfecting on the basis of the national power grid Life Cycle Asset Management Indication System. Through the established calculation mode of Life Cycle Asset Management and MEE Comprehensive Evaluation Mode, the system evaluates and researches on the selected substation, analyzing the evaluated result and finds the problems. And then discuss the new mode of Power Life Cycle Asset Management.
Authors: Shu De Luo, Yu Jiao Xu
Abstract: As a new manufacturing technology, a brief history of the development of the water jet technology is investigated. Several represenntive emerged jet technologies such as cavitating water jet technology, pulsed jet technology, abrasive jet technology and pure water jet technology, accompany with their characteristics are intoduced respectively. The applications of water jet technology in variety fields such as traditional cutting, medical science, and mining and so on are described. With the rapid development in recent years, this kind of technology is playing an increasing important role in national economy.

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