Intelligent Campus Emergency Preparedness Managing Platform System


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Considering the feasibility of the application of GIS technology and multimedia technology in campus emergency preparedness managing platform system, this paper discusses the overall design for visual campus emergency preparedness management system, where the principles of prevention and treatment for campus public emergency and this emergency preparedness visualization management system works are proposed. Then, various multimedia animation preparedness is realized by using Flash soft. By the way of analyzing various data of GIS, using professional software tool of GIS-MapInfo, taking Scilab as platform, we realize the functions of the intelligent electronic map design for HEU campus. This platform can enable visualized query and data searching, such as Eagle eye location, target finding, the shortest path searching, network communication and preparedness videos playing.



Edited by:

Junpeng Shao and Xianli Liu




Y. She et al., "Intelligent Campus Emergency Preparedness Managing Platform System", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 274, pp. 646-649, 2013

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January 2013




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