Study on Optimization of Evaporative Condenser Nozzle with CFD Method


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In the evaporative condenser, the shape and structure of the nozzle determines the spraying effect, which affects the overall heat transfer performance of the evaporative condenser. Due to the constraints of its structure, spraying test is difficult in evaporative condenser operation process. The performance of the two types of nozzle spray is simulated by CFD numerical calculation software, using the two-dimensional modeling. The results show that the two-tier shunt platform nozzle sprays more uniformly, the movement of airflow around is relative more regular, the performance of spraying water is more stable. The reference is provided to select the optimal structure of the nozzle under certain conditions.



Edited by:

Guangfan Li and Chaohe Chen




Y. Zhao et al., "Study on Optimization of Evaporative Condenser Nozzle with CFD Method", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 275-277, pp. 654-658, 2013

Online since:

January 2013




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