Design of Self-Compensated High Accuracy Fuel Level Sensor


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A brand new self-compensated capacitive fuel level sensor has been proposed in this paper. Through mathematics manipulation and theoretical analysis, we design the self-compensated structure of capacitive level sensor. The multiple segmentation structure makes compensation for temperature and medium possible. Furthermore, the effect caused by adhesion on the sensor electrodes if the adhesion fails to return initial position when the plane’s attitude is changing has been analyzed. Additionally, based on RF admittance theory, the transducer which can eliminate the adhesion effect has been designed and implemented using phase-locked sampling technique. Through level experiment and data analysis, the fuel level sensor proved to achieve all the destinations, including compensation for temperature and medium and elimination of adhesion effect. Hence, the accuracy of level measurement has been improved.



Edited by:

Sally Gao and Tina Hu




M. Yuan et al., "Design of Self-Compensated High Accuracy Fuel Level Sensor", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 281, pp. 23-27, 2013

Online since:

January 2013




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