The Chaotic Behavior of Symmetric Laminated Composite Arch


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Chaotic motion of symmetric laminated composite arch with two hinge supports under transverse periodic excitation was investigated. The nonlinear dynamic equations of the arch are changed into the square-order and cubic nonlinear differential dynamic system by Galerkin method, and its homoclinic orbit parameter equations are also acquired. The critical conditions of horseshoe-type chaos are obtained by using Melnikov function. The influence of loading frequency on chaotic region are analysed by numerical calculation. The motion behaviors of system are described through the bifurcation diagrams, the time-history curve, phase portrait and Poincaré map. The results are given as follows. The influence of loading frequency on chaotic region are significant. When the height of arch reach some value, the system can occur horseshoe-type chaos. The system of symmetric laminated composite arch under transverse periodic excitation may occur steady motion and chaotic motion.



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Honghua Tan




J. J. Wang et al., "The Chaotic Behavior of Symmetric Laminated Composite Arch", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 29-32, pp. 287-292, 2010

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August 2010




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