Applied Mechanics And Mechanical Engineering

Volumes 29-32

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Kai Jin Huang, Li Yan, Hua Min Kou, Chang Sheng Xie

Abstract: Based on the combined toughening principle, pure Al2O3/AlB12/Al composite ceramic powders have been synthesized using a new laser-induction...

Authors: Kai Jin Huang, Li Yan, Chang Sheng Xie

Abstract: The nano γ-Fe2O3/ZnO double-layer film gas sensor was fabricated by the screen printing technology and the hydrothermal method. XRD and SEM...

Authors: Chang Jun He, Hui Jian Li, Wei Yu, Xi Liang, Hai Yan Peng

Abstract: . The Young’s modulus of syntactic foams were studied both the experiment and the theory. The compressive test and dynamic mechanical...

Authors: Wei Yu, Hui Jian Li, Chang Jun He, Xi Liang

Abstract: . Metallic hollow sphere (MHS) material is a new type of cellular material characterized by super-light, high specific stiffness and...

Authors: Cheng Zhong Gu, Xin Yue Wu

Abstract: Time- varying mesh stiffness and sliding friction between teeth are the great excitation for vibration and noise in gears system. But, there...

Authors: Min Chen, W.S. Cheng, Zu Xin Zhao, X.B. Huang

Abstract: The major solving ways for the material wear are surface modification and lubrication. However, the application of only one solution can not...

Authors: Min Chen, W.S. Cheng, Zu Xin Zhao, X.B. Huang

Abstract: Tribological properties as well as antiwear and friction reduction mechanism of wear self repair nano-ceramic and nano-Cu lubricating...

Authors: Min Chen, X.M. Jiang, Zu Xin Zhao, X.B. Huang

Abstract: According to structural feature and seal requirement for large scale cutting tube machine, the non-standard rubber lip seal ring was...

Authors: Xiao Ma Dong

Abstract: In recent years, there were been increasing researches focusing on the application of artificial neural networks in structural damage...

Authors: Zhen Yu Zhao, Long Liao, Fei Tang, Bai Liu

Abstract: The paper describes the important role of Moldflow technology and status. Through the application of Moldflow / MPI (Moldflow Plastics...


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