Applied Mechanics And Mechanical Engineering

Volumes 29-32

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jian He Zhao, Ye Gao, Hong Mei Wu

Abstract: Ship engineroom fire is one of the most common and serious disasters in shipwrecks. It has become a hotspot of research to use water mist...

Authors: Chuan Jun Li, Gang Yu, Xin Wang

Abstract: In order to acquire the solid-fluid two phase flow centrifugal pump’s slurry head according with the fact, the solid phase effect...

Authors: Wei Li, Qiang Li, Ping Wang

Abstract: Based on the grouping method and lifting and lowering method, the weld joints of TCS stainless steel such as butt joint and corner joint...

Authors: Yun Peng Zhang, Jian She Guo, Guang Biao Sun, An Zhou Zhang

Abstract: The machining process produces surfaces that require some form of finishing operation to improve the surface quality. Aiming at the problem...

Authors: Xiao Dong Chen, Tie Jun Ma, Hai Zhang, Rong Sheng Chen

Abstract: A series of three castable polyurethane elastomers were prepared from 2,4- toluene diisocyanate (TDI) and 3,5-dimethyl-thioltoluenediamine...

Authors: Lan Yun Li, Zhuan Zhao Yang, Xiao Li, Zhi He

Abstract: A new fault recognition method for centrifugal compressor was proposed by using entropy weight-based gray relational analysis (EW-GRA)....

Authors: Lan Yun Li, Zhuan Zhao Yang, Xiao Li, Zhi He

Abstract: The protector is a key part of electric submersible pump (ESP), seals the motor and prevents the water entering into it. In order to solve...

Authors: Zhuan Zhao Yang, Dao Xin Liu, Xiao Hua Zhang

Abstract: There were 20 of 103 length of pipe found cracks on the extrados surface of the bent pipe made of Φ406.4×10mm L360 Longitudinal Submerged...

Authors: Shao Hua He, Ping Hao Zhang, Xin Yue Wu

Abstract: The past researches on the transient responses of rotor-bearing systems under shock excitations paid little attention on impact-contact-rub...

Authors: Zhi Hong Wu, Guo Qiang Chen, Yuan Zhu, Guang Yu Tian, Liu Qun Fan

Abstract: Aiming at the simulation of the three-phase inverter and SVPWM, the paper introduces their principles. A new method to build SVPWM...


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