Applied Mechanics And Mechanical Engineering

Volumes 29-32

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: B.H. Yan, Han Yang Gu, Y.H. Yang, L. Yu

Abstract: The influence mechanism of rolling motion on the flowing and heat transfer characteristics of turbulent flow in typical four rod bundles is...

Authors: Long Quan Yong

Abstract: This text studies a kind of obstacle problem. Combining with difference principle, we transform the original problem into monotone linear...

Authors: Zhang Jun, Jun Liu, Xiao Lu Ni, Wei Li, Rong Mu

Abstract: A discrete-pontoon floating bridge is studied based on the beam model with assumption of the bridge deck as a elastic beam with uniform...

Authors: Wen Hua Wang, Zhi You Feng, Ting Li Yang

Abstract: 2UPS-RPU is a new 4-DOF parallel mechanism with serial input limb. In this paper, the inverse dynamic equation of this mechanism is...

Authors: Wen Hua Wang, Zhi You Feng, Ting Li Yang, Ce Zhang

Abstract: Inverse dynamic equations of the 2UPS-2RPS mechanism are formulated by utilizing the virtual work principle. Kinematic analysis of the...

Authors: Shu Feng Wang, Hua Shi Li, Cui Hua He

Abstract: In order to obtain accurate vehicle handling stability performance, 2 DOF nonlinear vehicle model and multi-body dynamics vehicle model are...

Authors: Shu Feng Wang, Jun You Zhang

Abstract: In order to improve vehicle steering performance, Multi-axle dynamic steering technology is put forward. Because of simple and low cost, the...

Authors: Yu Lan Ma, Bang Qing Li

Abstract: The exact soliton solutions are constructed by extending the (G'/G)-expansion method for the nonlinear ITO system. The soliton controls are...

Authors: Yu Lan Ma, Bang Qing Li

Abstract: By introducing the (G'/G)-expansion method, the exact soliton solution is constructed for generalized burgers-fisher system. The two classes...

Authors: Yu Lan Ma, Bang Qing Li

Abstract: Based on the non-traveling wave solution and Rossler chaos system, chaotic soliton excitations are established for the nonlinear...


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