Applied Mechanics And Mechanical Engineering

Volumes 29-32

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Liang, Jun Dong Zhang, Wei Li, Lin Fang Su

Abstract: In order to obtain a precise mathematical model of underwater robots, model identification based on extended kalman filter is proposed in...

Authors: Ning Qiang, Fang Xiang

Abstract: In controlled blasting, pre-cracks are often used to reduce the blasting vibration hazards. In this paper, with the engineering of 3 #...

Authors: Yuan Bai, Zhong Ying Bai

Abstract: Based on analysis of relative and absolute traffic anomalies a fully DIDS(Distributed Intrusion Detection System) is built to detect and...

Authors: Jian Bin Zhang, Ming Fang Zhu, Yan Ling Ren, Jian Lu

Abstract: A new stereo Frequency Modulation exciter scheme for short-distance wireless communication is proposed. It adopts a stereo FM IC BH1415 to...

Authors: Min Min

Abstract: On analyzing the common problems in fuzzy clustering algorithms, we put forward the combined fuzzy clustering one, which will automatically...

Authors: En Xing Zheng, Jing Tang

Abstract: This paper describes a color character overlay using color synchrolock and coding circuit composed of color television integrated circuit...

Authors: Cheng Zhong Gu, Xin Yue Wu, Ping Hao Zhang

Abstract: The passive vibration control is a very effective measure to gear system. But there exist some limitations. This paper viewed the...

Authors: Shi Hong Wu, Bu Zhang, Feng Yu He, Bao Fa Li

Abstract: The residues cutting and ridge cleaning equipments of Ridge-tillage planter are important working parts which can prevent no-tillage planter...

Authors: Yi Feng Jiang, Yu Sun, Lin Na Hu

Abstract: TCP is the most widely used protocol in internet which provides the reliable end to end data communications for users, and the TCP...

Authors: Bo Ren, De Ming Zhang, Huan Li

Abstract: MEMS gyroscope is a new type of inertial device with small size, low cost, light weight, high reliability, but less precise and random error...


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