Applied Mechanics And Mechanical Engineering

Volumes 29-32

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhi Peng Feng, Ji Ye Zhang, Wei Hua Zhang

Abstract: As the speed of train increases, flow-induced vibration of trains passing through tunnels has become a subject of discussion, to investigate...

Authors: Peng Yun Song, Ji Ye Zhang, Ke Yue Zhang

Abstract: A permanent magnet brushless DC motor speed control system based on PI controller with fuzzy parameters regulators is studied in this paper....

Authors: Zheng Li Cao, Tian Li, Ji Ye Zhang

Abstract: Mesh stability is the property of damping or eliminating disturbances as they travel in an interconnected system. In this paper, the mesh...

Authors: Liang Chu, Yong Sheng Zhang, Yan Ru Shi, Ming Fa Xu, Yang Ou

Abstract: In order to meet the cost requirement of lateral and longitudinal velocity measured directly in vehicle active safety control systems, based...

Authors: Jian Ping Liu, Xin Yi Zhang, Qing Xuan Jia

Abstract: Considering lumen elastic deformation, Reynolds equation is deduced based on non-Newtonian model in this paper. Traction force and...

Authors: Yun Peng Zhang, Wei Zhao, An Zhou Zhang

Abstract: Due to the complexity of electrical discharge machining (EDM) milling technology, an artificial nerve network simulation and prediction...

Authors: Jian Wan, Tai Yong Wang, Yi Yuan

Abstract: To get over the problem that only one type of filter cannot meet the requests of field monitoring, a rotating machine monitoring system that...

Authors: Li Shen, Ya Zhen Li

Abstract: Aiming to alleviate the limited test resource situation, oriented graph signal decomposition model is proposed based on the complex signal...

Authors: Hua Wei Zhan, Cai Xia Guo, Yu Zhang, Yun Zhou

Abstract: Multimode feed network is an important part of shortwave multimode multifeed antenna system. The design of feed network is a pivotal...

Authors: Xue Juan Kang, Jun Feng Jing, Lu Hua Nie

Abstract: This paper introduces a detecting approach about the textile printing precision based on machine vision. Firstly, the system uses the smart...


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