Applied Mechanics And Mechanical Engineering

Volumes 29-32

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jing Lou, Hong Xiang Xu

Abstract: In Manufacturing Grid (MG) system, there are primarily two kinds of users: resource service consumer and resource service provider. For a...

Authors: Qi Gao Feng, Han Ping Mao, Yan Fang Wei, Hong Wei Jiao

Abstract: In this paper, a new computational method is proposed for solving a class of optimization problems which have broad applications in...

Authors: Mao Liang Wu, Lin Jun Hua

Abstract: The paper analyzes the structure of SLC file format which is used in rapid prototyping technology, and studies the algorithm of the scanning...

Authors: Jing Rong Li, Qing Hui Wang, Hong Zhou Shen

Abstract: Excellent maintainability is extremely important not only supplementing reliability necessarily but reducing product life cycle cost and...

Authors: Zhong Liang Pan, Ling Chen, Guang Zhao Zhang

Abstract: A new test pattern generation method for the stuck-at faults in VLSI circuits is presented in this paper, the method uses Hopfield neural...

Authors: Zhong Liang Pan, Ling Chen

Abstract: The formal verification is able to check whether the implementation of a circuit design is functionally equivalent to an earlier version...

Authors: Cheng Jun Chen, Yun Feng Wu, Niu Li

Abstract: To verify the accessibility and workspace of tool operation in virtual assembly system, this paper presented a tool-part operation method...

Authors: Yun Feng Wu, Bo Liu

Abstract: In order to enhance reliability and maintainability of ship monitoring system, this paper proposed a CANopen protocol-based intelligent...

Authors: Cheng Jun Chen, Yun Feng Wu, Yong Yang

Abstract: To transform CAD model into virtual assembly model, model transformation was divided into two processes, namely part model transformation...

Authors: Hong Wei Jiao, Kun Li, Jing Ben Yin, Yong Qiang Chen

Abstract: In this technical note, we develop an approach to globally solve a class of optimization problems in system engineering based on the recent...


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