Applied Mechanics And Mechanical Engineering

Volumes 29-32

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Juan Zhou, Hai Jun Geng, Ming Sheng Xu

Abstract: A data warehouse stores materialized views of data from one or more sources, with the purpose of efficiently implementing decision-support...

Authors: Tao Ye

Abstract: Based on the illustration of the importance of the coordination between forest and socio-economy, a dynamic programming model aimed at the...

Authors: Jie Fan, Wan Qing Li, Hong Zhang, Ke Qiang Dong

Abstract: Rescaled range analysis (R/S) method is a scaling method commonly used for detecting the long-range correlations in many time series. The...

Authors: Wen Guang Yu, Zhi Liu

Abstract: In this paper, we study the expected discounted penalty function for a classical risk model in which a threshold dividend strategy is used...

Authors: Wen Guang Yu

Abstract: This paper studies the expected discounted penalty function for a risk model in which the arrival of insurance policies is a Poisson process...

Authors: Qing Yuan Zhou, Jian Jian Luo

Abstract: Since Grain yield prediction is significant for regulating grain prices, the research on the accurate prediction of grain output has great...

Authors: Jun Ying Wang, De Hua Li, Shi Hong Wu

Abstract: Expert is a very important factor that affects the outcome of decision-making. This paper applies the grey relational degree in measuring...

Authors: Qing Kun Zhou, Sheng Jian Bai, Zhi Yong Zhang

Abstract: The design of variable structure system inputs which are constrained by saturation is studied. For a LTI system which satisfies some...

Authors: Qing Kun Zhou, Ya Fei Lu, Da Peng Fan, Zhi Yong Zhang, Lian Chao Zhang

Abstract: A novel compliant linear buffer mechanism (CLBM) is designed for impact isolation. In view of the incompatible relationship between...

Authors: Lin Kai Chen, Li Hua Zhu

Abstract: Aiming at the preservation of costly objects in the video monitoring, this passage proposed a judgmental method based on the background...


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