Applied Mechanics And Mechanical Engineering

Volumes 29-32

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xi Jiong Jiang, Hong Qi Feng

Abstract: This document analyzes characteristics of IP network measurement and common network performance indicators, and proposes the measurement...

Authors: Ge Jun Zhu, Chang Sheng Ma, Feng Xie

Abstract: Section data is a common reconstruction data source in reverse engineering. By adopting methods of adding subdivision segments between the...

Authors: Lin Li Zhu, De Quan Tang, Xiao Kang Qin, Guo Hong Dai

Abstract: Fuzzy knowledge representation and processing is a very important topic in artificial intelligence research, the key of the fuzzy knowledge...

Authors: Li Li Zheng, Jian Ping Yuan, Zhan Xia Zhu

Abstract: In order to meet the requirements of space operation, the spacecrafts must maneuver agilely with the artifical propulsion. The orbit under...

Authors: Lina Liu, Qin Cen, Mei Ji, Li Qiong Chen

Abstract: Comparing with the old medical record, EMR(Electronic Medical Record)has more advantages on morden society. While XML plays an important...

Authors: Xu Jing, Dong Jian He, Lin Sen Zan, Jing Yu Wang, Jing Zhao

Abstract: According to actual of cow epidemic disease diagnosis, bidirectional reasoning scheme based on the symptom both characterization and autopsy...

Authors: Zi Wei Chen, Jin Tian Yun, Jun Bao Gu

Abstract: With the widespread using of coins, in order to solve the troubles brought by counterfeit money, it is of great significance to develop a...

Authors: Jiang Hua Ge, Jian Yuan Xu, Ya Ping Wang, Fen Wei

Abstract: To accurately understand the current customer requirements, mine and predict those of potential market, requirement expansion method based...

Authors: Yong Xiang Zhao, Chang Jia Chen

Abstract: Many of current P2P application tend to use UDP as their transport protocol. Since UDP does not provide congestion control mechanism, the...

Authors: De Sheng Wen, Zhi Li Wang, Shi Jun Lv, Jiang Bo Sun, Li Bin Du

Abstract: In this paper, a new hydraulic pump was presented, called KZB pump which has obtained the national patent of invention (patent number:...


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