Applied Mechanics And Mechanical Engineering

Volumes 29-32

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hui Xin Guo, Lei Chen, Hang Min He, Dai Yong Lin

Abstract: A method to handle hybrid uncertainties including aleatory and epistemic uncertainty is proposed for the computation of reliability. The...

Authors: Hin Xin Guo, Juan Dai, Guan Yu Hu, Li Zhi Cheng

Abstract: The design optimization of valve-spring is achieved under the condition of expected reliability. The restrain conditions about the...

Authors: Shao Hua Cheng, Yong Wei Zhou, Jin Fa Shi, Li Tao Zhang

Abstract: A new local fitting algorithm of implicit quadric surface is presented for space scattered point cloud. For the fitting objective function,...

Authors: Huan Li, Cheng Sheng Pan, Yu Zhang, Bo Ren

Abstract: According to the nonlinear amplification characteristic with memory effection of power amplifier(PA) in WCDMA systems, we have analyzed the...

Authors: Wan Chun Zhou, Tong Zhou

Abstract: In this thesis, the author first analyzed the topological structure of the original mechanism. On this basis, the topological map and a...

Authors: Yong Qiang Han, Zhi De Liu, Jia Bin Chen

Abstract: In this paper, a robust correction algorithm for Dead Reckoning (DR) navigation system is proposed based on digital map. The DR system here...

Authors: Xin Cai

Abstract: The second-order hyperbolic equation with small parameter and Neumann con- dition is considered. This kind of problem loses the boundary...

Authors: Xin Cai

Abstract: Elliptic partial differential equation with periodical boundary value problem was considered. The equation would degenerate to parabolic...

Authors: Jin Xu, Liang Chen, Wei Sun

Abstract: As a new conceptual micro air vehicle, biomimetic flapping-wing robots have the advantages of small sizes, light weights, high...

Authors: Yi Wang, Wei Lian Qu

Abstract: Identification of multi-axle moving loads on bridge is very important for bridge design, construction, and maintenance in engineering field....


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