Applied Mechanics And Mechanical Engineering

Volumes 29-32

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yu Ji Chen

Abstract: In order to study the buckling mechanics behaviour of the out-of-plane stability of arches with the double symmetry axis section, by mean of...

Authors: Nan Nan Wang, You Fu Hou, Zu Zhi Tian

Abstract: A helical spring has large deformation under the condition of near resonance, in order to obtain the nonlinear vibration characteristics,...

Authors: Qiu Yun Mo, Zhan Kuan Zhang, Hao Li

Abstract: This paper is a comprehensive analysis about circular saws exerted the inertia stresses, thermal stresses and residual stresses inducted...

Authors: Xiu Quan Lu, Wen Xing Ma, Li Dan Fan, Bo Sen Cai

Abstract: In order to study the complex flow state of the internal flow field while the hydrodynamic coupling is under working conditions, the two...

Authors: Gui Ying Qi, Qing Fen Li

Abstract: In this paper a detailed 3D-finite element analyses results of modified compact tension shear (MCTS)-specimens with an inclined crack plane...

Authors: Guo Jun Liu, Yong Qing Yang, Fan Guo

Abstract: This paper makes an in-depth research on Assessment Methods of Load-bearing Capacity of Highway Bridge (Ministry of Communications of The...

Authors: Zhe Zhang, Ying Chao Zhang, Jie Li

Abstract: When vehicles run on road, they will be overtaken, cross by other vehicles or be impacted by crosswind. The other events of overtaking and...

Authors: Qing Guo Yang, Yu Wei Zhang, Zhi Zhong Tu

Abstract: Replacing the steel bar with GFRP (Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastics) bar can improve the durability of concrete structure in the corrosive...

Authors: Nian Mei Zhang, Xu Dong Wang

Abstract: The dynamical responses of asphalt pavement structures subjected to the vehicles are studied considering the effect of horizontal forces....

Authors: Wan Chun Zhao, Ting Ting Wang, Guo Shuai Ju, Da Chun Zheng

Abstract: The fractal characteristics is Considered in rock porosity structure, and rock damage variable is defined by reduced amount pore number...


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