Applied Mechanics And Mechanical Engineering

Volumes 29-32

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shi Wei Zhang, Jin Ce Liu, Guang Zhe Song, Zhi Jun Zhang

Abstract: In order to improve the calculation method of the vacuum system design, the research focus on the way applying the Fluent software to...

Authors: Wei Xiang Zhang, Fang Yuan

Abstract: This paper discusses thermo-viscoelastic problems using the symplectic system method. With the aid of the symplectic character and the...

Authors: Zhi Jian Wang, Xiao Feng Shang

Abstract: High-pressure gas quenching is the heat treatment technology which quenches the works by use of high-pressure and high-speed flow gas....

Authors: Qing Hua Lu, Zhi Shui Yu, Li Gong Chen

Abstract: The tension, Charpy notch impact and fracture toughness tests on structural steels Q235B and Q345 were carried out under different...

Authors: Jin Chun Song, Jian Wen Chen, Zhi Wei Zhang, Chang Zhou Wang

Abstract: Oil mist lubrication is currently widely used as a lubrication method now. It has some advantages as follows: low fuel consumption, uniform...

Authors: Yi Ming Fang, Jian Li, Hai Lin Feng

Abstract: This paper presented a new propagation time estimation method based on ICA-domain filter. The technique consists of two steps. Firstly,...

Authors: Jin Yun Liu, Jian Yun Chen

Abstract: Three basic types of similar relationship between the prototype and the model for dynamic structural model test and dynamic destructive...

Authors: Sheng Mei Ma, Xin Chun Shang

Abstract: A mathematical modeling for breathing vibration problem of vascular stent is presented. The vascular stent is considered in structure as an...

Authors: Xin Min Xu, Xue Zhe Wei

Abstract: With the development of the electric vehicles, serial connected cells have a broad prospect in the future. But the difference of the serial...

Authors: Zhi Guo Niu, Jun Lu, Ri You

Abstract: To reasonably evaluate the seismic behavior of high arch dams, a damage plasticity model is adopted to simulate the dynamic nonlinear...


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