Applied Mechanics And Mechanical Engineering

Volumes 29-32

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Fu Sheng Wang, Gang Bao

Abstract: The accurate measurement and control of center of mass (CM) in mass properties for satellite attitude control are the most important. In...

Authors: Su Yi Liu, Yun Xu, Min Yin

Abstract: According to the effect of the human joints and the motion characteristics of the models’ footstep, combining with the distribution...

Authors: Chao Feng Li, Ji Shuang Dai, Xiao Peng Li, Bang Chun Wen

Abstract: The FEM was employed to establish a nonlinear dynamical model of a rotor-bearing experimental system. The fixed interface mode synthesis...

Authors: Liang Tang, Li Xiong Gong, Ming Zhong Yang

Abstract: This paper proposes a novel control strategy using an on-line dynamic switching mechanism for controlling the sintering process of ceramic...

Authors: Ji Zhang, Zhong Xian Zhang, Cai Ping Huang

Abstract: For a class of plastic-damage models, spectral return-mapping algorithm performed upon the principal effective stresses is efficient, while...

Authors: Hong Wen Xu, Qi Zhi Zhang, Lin Zhang

Abstract: To improve the using life of screw, the paper focused on the research about microhardness and wear resistance of surface detonation spraying...

Authors: Fa Zhan Yang, Jian Qiang Zhou, Guang Yao Meng, Jun Zhao, Chang He Li

Abstract: Nanocomposite tool materials are very important in engineering field for their advantage in mechanical properties and have a good...

Authors: Xu Ke Ruan, Yong Chen Song, Hai Feng Liang

Abstract: To make the recovery of methane from hydrates commercially viable, many uncertainties in hydrate dissociation process in porous media must...

Authors: Yue Ping Chen, Jian Gao, Li Feng Wu

Abstract: The deflection of thin-walled components during machining will seriously affect their machining accuracy and surface quality. This paper...

Authors: Jun Zhao, Quan Sheng Liu, Kai Shi

Abstract: This paper analyzes the normal section capacity of the reinforced concrete paste with CFRP. Based on the models under different pasting...


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