Applied Mechanics And Mechanical Engineering

Volumes 29-32

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qiu Yun Mo, Hao Li

Abstract: The acousic comfort of woodworking wide belt sander has been evaluation by impacts of on-the-spot noise and the main single frequency noise...

Authors: Yao Nan Li, Shang Xu Wang

Abstract: A new acoustic method of estimating property in rocks is presented. This method, called Differential Acoustic Resonance Spectroscopy or...

Authors: Hong Ke Li, Li Zhong Song, Huai Shu Li, Lin Shu Huang, Yang Yin

Abstract: The sliding mode predictive controller based on an improved sliding mode reference trajectory is proposed for AC servo systems. On the basis...

Authors: Gui Fang Li, Yong Cheng Sun, Sheng Guo Huang

Abstract: This paper focuses on the robust passivity synthesis problem for a class of linear time-delayed systems subject to parameter uncertainties....

Authors: Ye Fei, Qiong Wu, Hai Yang Yu

Abstract: This paper is made from a certain type of truck crane hydraulic lifting mechanism system as an object, then the second lifting working...

Authors: Ke Wang, Guang Lv, Xing Wei Sun

Abstract: The dynamic characteristics of machine tool is an important factor, which make affect on the cutting stability of machine tool. The poor...

Authors: Yong Sheng Deng, Yi Gong Lu, Ping Yang Xiao, Xi Lin Liu

Abstract: Through the analysis to the working principle of hydraulic coupler and the combining operating characteristic of motor with hydraulic...

Authors: Xiu Long Chen, Shuai Shuai Jia, Xue Yan Jiang, Yong Sheng Zhao

Abstract: In order to grasp the vibration characteristics of a novel High-Speed 4-HPS-HPH PMT(parallel machine tool), A vibration behaviors analysis...

Authors: Wan Chun Zhao, Chi Ai, Da Chun Zheng

Abstract: Based on the study of double porous medium, the paper provides a new model of cylinder volume element plastic yielding, which assumes that...

Authors: Jian Hua Guo, Liang Chu, Xiao Bing Zhang, Fei Kun Zhou

Abstract: In this paper, an integrated system of SAS/ESP is proposed to improve vehicle handling performance and stability. The 15DOF vehicle model...


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