Applied Mechanics And Mechanical Engineering

Volumes 29-32

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yun Nan Teng, Xiao Peng Li, Qing Hui Zeng, Bang Chun Wen

Abstract: As a branch of Utilization of vibration, vibration friction is a type of the most valued applicable technology developed during the later...

Authors: Wen Cheng Wang

Abstract: The principles of PWM and Hall sensor have been introduced in this paper. To the defects of traditional methods, it proposed the designing...

Authors: Xue Zhi Hu, Guang Qun Nan

Abstract: Traditional induction motor direct torque control system with the hysteresis loop controller, based on torque error, set the amplitude error...

Authors: Hui Qing Liu, Wen Hong Feng

Abstract: Evolution law on air conditioning load is affected by many factors which are very difficult to be known and gained, that which results in...

Authors: Y.M. Chen, Guang Meng, J.K. Liu

Abstract: This paper analyzed an approximate treatment of the nonlinear dynamical system of an electrostatically actuated micro-cantilever subjected...

Authors: Rui Lin Lin, Ting Tao Ming

Abstract: This paper presents a new method of fault diagnosis for electro-hydraulic servo system using support vector machine based on robust...

Authors: Hong Wen Xu, Qi Zhi Zhang, Xin Chuan Li

Abstract: Urban underground pipeline was an important part of urban public infrastructure, and it was lifeline of cities. Application research of...

Authors: Tong Zhu Zhang, Xue Ping Wang, Jiang Wei Chu, Peng Fei Cui, Guang Dong Tian

Abstract: reliability performance is an important evaluation index of product quality, especially for the remanufactured product. Automobile products...

Authors: Li Xin Guo, Lei Ping Zhao

Abstract: In this study, we used Cricket equipments based on wireless sensor networks to study the pursuit-evasion strategy of multi-robots in a...

Authors: Liang Mian Jia, Gang Wang, Xiao Hui Zhi

Abstract: The design of a newly developed electro-hydraulic speed control system for diesel engines was presented in this paper. Its general scheme...


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