Effect of Acid-Washing on the Distribution of Phenols from Wulagai Lignite Pyrolysis


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At the pyrolysis temperature range of 460°C to 560°C, the pyrolysis of Wulagai lignite and the acid-washed lignite is completed on the fixed-bed reactor. The phenols are detected by GC. Study shows that the minerals in coal may influence the decomposition of the phenols intermediates or suppress the producing of final phenols, acid-washing helps improving the yield of phenols. The minerals in lignite have no effect on the generation of low boiling-point phenols in the lower pyrolysis temperature, but have significant effect on the yield of high boiling-point phenols. The minerals in Wulagai lignite have a significant effect on the distribution of the fixed bed low temperature pyrolysis phenols.



Edited by:

Xiaochun Tang, Xiaohong Chen, Yuxiang Dong, Xiuguo Wei and Qingsheng Yang




J. Guan et al., "Effect of Acid-Washing on the Distribution of Phenols from Wulagai Lignite Pyrolysis", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 291-294, pp. 827-831, 2013

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February 2013




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