Advances in Experimental Mechanics IV

Volumes 3-4

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: R.M. Cripps

Abstract: The RNLI has been using composites for the construction of some of its lifeboats since the early 1970s and in the late 1980s a decision was...

Authors: M. Grédiac

Abstract: The wealth of information provided by full-field measurement techniques is very useful in experimental mechanics. Among different possible...

Authors: Roderick A. Smith

Abstract: This paper emphasises the importance of the knowledge of service loads to both the initial design process and the maintenance of structural...

Authors: N. Matsumoto, S. Ohtaki, M. Ohira, H. Kasayama

Abstract: An application of the elastic-plastic problem by the photoelastic coating method is presented in this paper. A general procedure of this...

Authors: Yannick Pannier, René Rotinat, Stephane Avril, Fabrice Pierron
Authors: Kenji Machida

Abstract: In previous studies, the elastic stress field near the crack tip was investigated by digital image correlation and the 2-D intelligent...

Authors: James Eaton-Evans, Janice M. Dulieu-Barton, Edward G. Little, Ian A. Brown

Abstract: Self-expanding stents are small medical devices used to treat vascular disease and are typically fabricated from a super-elastic, shape...

Authors: Atsumi Ohtsuki

Abstract: This paper describes a development of a new method (: Cantilever Method) to measure Young’s modulus of flexible materials. The method is...

Authors: William N. Sharpe

Abstract: This paper presents three kinds of high-temperature test methods for three different materials along with the results. Resistively heated...

Authors: S. Kakunai, H. Hayashihara, T. Sakamoto, H. Matsuda

Abstract: Electroless plating can uniformly plate a material on irregular and non-conducting surfaces. Consequently, it has been utilized widely for...


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