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Authors: Olivier Arnould, Pierre Brémond, François Hild
Authors: Alan MacBeath, Andrea Cardoni, Margaret Lucas
Abstract:Damaging temperature effects observed during ultrasonic cutting operations are typically a result of friction between the vibrating blade and...
Authors: A. L'Etang, Zhi Hong Huang
Abstract:This paper describes a study of laser generated ultrasonic waves in an 2-layer elastic, isotropic biomaterial model, in order to establish a...
Authors: Paulo Flores, Pierre Moureaux, Anne Marie Habraken
Abstract:This paper shows the identification of material parameters for a DC06 IF steel sheet of 0.8 mm by mechanical tests. The experimental...
Authors: Y. Daud, Margaret Lucas, Zhi Hong Huang
Abstract:A study is presented into the effect of ultrasonic activation of the platen on the stressstrain relationship in compression tests on...
Authors: Paul Grant, Jerry Lord, P. Whitehead, A. Tony Fry
Abstract:Hole drilling is one of the most widely used techniques for measuring residual stress, but the conventional approach is limited in the near...
Authors: C. Boldetti, C. Pinna, I.C. Howard, G. Gutierrez
Abstract:The grid technique is an experimental method for measuring the deformation in hot rolling. An AA3004 sample -fitted with an insert - was...
Authors: A. Wu, B.G. Mellor, S. Syngellakis
Abstract:Suitable testing arrangements are made for assessing the strength of welded T-joint specimens and providing input for the validation of...
Authors: Khaled Y. Benyounis, Abdul Ghani Olabi, M.S.J. Hashmi
Abstract:Residual stresses are an integral part of the total stress acting on any component in service. It is important to determine and/or predict...
Authors: William S. Robotham, Thomas H. Hyde, Edward J. Williams, Paul Brown, Ian R. McColl, C.J. Kong
Abstract:The development of aeroengines with increasing thrust capabilities requires the development of shaft technology to deal with this greater...
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