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Authors: D.A. Harvey, N.A. Fellows, J.F. Durodola, Andrew Twin
Abstract:The levels of stress and strain experienced by the windings of a superconducting magnet during its manufacture and operation are dependent on...
Authors: S.W. Boyd, Janice M. Dulieu-Barton, L. Rumsey
Abstract:The marine industry at present employs the use of aluminium extrusions in the construction of decks and superstructures that could be...
Authors: Lofti Toubal, Moussa Karama, B. Lorrain
Abstract:The characterisation of composite plates used in structural work in the field of aeronautics is approached by associating ultrasound and...
Authors: Raphaël Moulart, Stephane Avril, Fabrice Pierron
Abstract:This paper deals with the simultaneous identification of the four through-thickness orthotropic rigidities of a thick composite tube. A...
Authors: G. Pitarresi, A. Conti, U. Galietti
Abstract:This work presents a set of experimental results based on the measured thermoelastic signal from GRP composite coupons adopting different...
Authors: E.E. Gdoutos, M.S. Konsta-Gdoutos
Abstract:Facing compressive failure, facing wrinkling and core shear failure are the most commonly encountered failure modes in sandwich beams with...
Authors: L.A.L. Franco, Mario Lima de Alencastro Graça, F.S. Silva
Abstract:This paper is related to the understanding of the relationship between the apparent interlaminar shear strength and the temperature-moisture...
Authors: Tim Edwards, Jeremy Thompson
Abstract:The paper focuses on the structural integrity of the corner radius of the carbon fibre composite, ‘C’-section spar for the Airbus A400M wing....
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