Advances in Experimental Mechanics IV

Volumes 3-4

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Crispin Doyle, S. Quinn, Janice M. Dulieu-Barton

Abstract: Fibre-optic sensors have advantages over existing electrical sensors in many strain and stress monitoring applications. However, bare...

Authors: A. Ajovalasit, L. D'Acquisto, S. Fragapane, B. Zuccarello

Abstract: The reinforcement effect of a strain gauge installed on low modulus materials can be significant. The increasing use of low modulus...

Authors: Giuseppe Carella, U. Galietti, D. Modugno

Abstract: This work discusses application of the thermoelastic technique to the stress analysis of Rapid Prototyping (RP) models. The aim is to...

Authors: N. Temimi, Noelle Billon

Abstract: Thermo mechanical behaviour of unfilled and filled polypropylenes are studied in tension from 10-4 to 102 s-1. Complementary low velocity...

Authors: S.H. Hashemi, I.C. Howard, J.R. Yates, R.M. Andrews

Abstract: Charpy upper shelf energy is widely used as a fracture controlling parameter to estimate the crack arrest/propagation performance of gas...

Authors: Edmund Morris, Abdul Ghani Olabi, M.S.J. Hashmi

Abstract: This paper presents the study of nested rings crushed laterally between rigid platens at 2 different velocities. In this investigation two...

Authors: Michael A. Sek, Vincent Rouillard

Abstract: This paper presents some of the latest results of a research project aimed at using composite corrugated paperboard structures for...

Authors: Erwin Hack, Richard L. Burguete, E.A. Patterson

Abstract: Strain is a dimensionless quantity derived from displacement. To measure strain, devices such as resistive strain gauges and extensometers...

Authors: Maurice P. Whelan, Erwin Hack, Thorsten Siebert, Richard L. Burguete, E.A. Patterson, Q. Saleem

Abstract: There are no standard reference materials suitable for the calibration of full-field optical strain measurement systems. This is hindering...

Authors: E.A. Patterson, Maurice P. Whelan, Erwin Hack, Thorsten Siebert, Richard L. Burguete, Q. Saleem

Abstract: The paper describes the work towards a set of standardised tests for the evaluation of the performance of optical systems for measuring...


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