Structural Optimization of MEMS-Based Hydrophones with Perforated Active Membrane


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This paper presents some results of finite element (FE) analysis performed for membrane-type piezoceramic transducer for underwater acoustics applications. We studied the miniaturized sensor with perforated holes in the active PZT membrane, intermediate, and protective plates. In this investigation an influence of the polyimide plate viscous damping, the membranes dimensions and the relative area of the perforated holes on the frequency response of sensitivity was studied for the broadening and flattening the operating frequency band. An optimization of these key parameters using the genetic algorithm working with the device’s FE model was demonstrated.



Edited by:

Ching Kuo Wang and Jing Guo




S. H. Chang et al., "Structural Optimization of MEMS-Based Hydrophones with Perforated Active Membrane", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 300-301, pp. 597-603, 2013

Online since:

February 2013




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