Fatigue Analysis for the Aircraft Landing Gear Connecting Parts


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Landing gear is the critical component for aircrafts’ flight safety. According to the statistics, the accidents caused by the structure of landing gears and other structures relating to landing gears probably account for more than two thirds of the structural accidents. Fatigue failure is a key failure mode when the landing gears under the condition of alternating loads. Therefore it is very meaningful to develop the research on the fatigue life of the landing gears. The traditional fatigue analysis based on the test methods has many disadvantages, such as high cost and long test cycle. So a numerical simulation method was used to analyze the structural fatigue. Then the stress distribution and the fatigue life of the landing gear connecting parts under specific working conditions were studied. It turned out that the local fatigue performance of the component needed to be improved. The results have a certain value in engineering application and theoretical research, especially in improving the design level and working reliability of the aircraft landing gear.



Edited by:

Ching Kuo Wang and Jing Guo




J. Y. Li and Z. B. Yang, "Fatigue Analysis for the Aircraft Landing Gear Connecting Parts", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 300-301, pp. 870-873, 2013

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February 2013




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