Study on Reliability of Slanted Micro-Cantilever under Shock Stress


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The reliability of MEMS has been a key issue for its application. Micro-cantilever is a basic structure of MEMS, which has a notable influence on its reliability. Basing on quasi-static theory, the response characteristic of the slanted Micro-cantilever under shock load is studied. Assume that the slanted micro-cantilever is a cantilever-mass system, whose maximal displacement and stress has been analyzed. Furthermore, the correction of theoretical analysis is validated by ANSYS simulation. Finally, experiments are carried out to validate the cantilever’s characteristic of shock response. The results can be used to guide the failure modes analysis of MEMS, and provide rules for MEMS reliability design.



Edited by:

Yun-Hae Kim and Prasad Yarlagadda




J. Y. Tao et al., "Study on Reliability of Slanted Micro-Cantilever under Shock Stress", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 303-306, pp. 1725-1731, 2013

Online since:

February 2013




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