Experimental Determination of the Coefficient of Friction in Rotational Sliding Joint


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The friction processes as the most often physical phenomena cause many negative effects in production systems, and man try to minimize them. Coefficient of friction is one of the fundamental parameters which characterizes the process of friction between two parts, which perform mutual sliding of movement. Its measurement is realised using the experimental methods. In our experiments motion of samples is enforced motorically and various measurement sensors that monitor variables characterizing the process of friction are used. Experimentally obtained values of the coefficient of friction for the bushing aluminium - steel pairs are analysed in the paper. During the run up the value of the coefficient of friction sharply decreased from 0.8 to size 0.1 and then was stable till the end. Experimental tests were realised on the equipment Tribotestor M' 89, which was used for determination of the tribological parameters of bearing bushings. Following input variables were adjusted: the sliding speed, loading of rotanional sliding joint and duration of the test. The temperature in the contact surface of bushings and the roughness parameters (Ra, Rz) were also monitored before and after the tests.



Edited by:

Karol Velíšek, Peter Košťál and František Pecháček




R. Ďuriš and E. Labašová, "Experimental Determination of the Coefficient of Friction in Rotational Sliding Joint", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 309, pp. 50-54, 2013

Online since:

February 2013




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