Coupled Thermoelastic Vibration of the Axially Moving Sandwich Beam


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The transverse vibration characteristic of the viscoelastic sandwich beam with axial speed is studied under the coupled temperature field and displacement field. Based on the theory of Euler - Bernouli beam and the constitutive relation of Kelvin viscoelastic material model, the transverse vibration equation of the axially moving beam is established ; considering the interaction of the material deformation and the heat conduction, the coupled governing equation of the beam is obtained. and the coupled thermoelastic dynamics system are obtained by Galerkin method. The related thermal parameters on the vibration frequency are analyzed by using numerical method.



Edited by:

Xudong Wang, Baoyu Xu and Qingmei Xiao




J. M. Wang et al., "Coupled Thermoelastic Vibration of the Axially Moving Sandwich Beam", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 312, pp. 301-306, 2013

Online since:

February 2013




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