Implementation of Clock Synchronization in PTN Based on FPGA


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With the PTN network gradually becoming the unity ofthe business group transmission network, clock synchronization is an important issue inPacket Transport Networking (PTN). This paper introduces time synchronizationtechnology of IEEE1588v2 based on FPGA and VHDL. It has more flexibilityimplementation than the foreign professional processing chip, and easy toupgrade. It also solved the low accuracy synchronization problem of softwaretimestamp. With the result of the simulation and testing, this implementationis proved to be available for meeting the requirements of communication systemson clock Synchronization.



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Jianfeng Li




G. Q. Yan and C. X. Yan, "Implementation of Clock Synchronization in PTN Based on FPGA", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 313-314, pp. 300-303, 2013

Online since:

March 2013




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