Prediction of Wear Coefficient of Manganese Phosphate Coated AISI D2 Steel with Oil Lubricant


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Today, in the area of material design conversion coatings play an important role in applications where temperature, corrosion, oxidation and wear come in to play. Manganese Phosphate is used to reduce friction and improve lubrication in sliding components. In this study, Prediction of wear coefficient of uncoated, Manganese Phosphate coated, Manganese Phosphate with oil lubricant AISI D2 steels was investigated using Archards equation. The Surface morphology of Manganese Phosphate coatings was examined by scanning electron microscope (SEM) and Energy dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy (EDX) .The wear tests were performed in a pin on disk apparatus as per ASTM G-99 Standard. The wear loss and wear coefficient were evaluated through pin on disc test using a sliding velocity of 0.35 m/s under normal load of 10 to60 N and controlled condition of temperature and humidity. Based on the results of the wear test, the Manganese Phosphate with lubricant exhibited the lowest average wear coefficient of1.24 X10-10 and the lowest wear loss 0.37 mm3 under 60 N load.



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A.E. Ismail, A.J. Alimin, A.L. Mohd Tobi, A. Khalid, H.Z. Abdullah, I. Masood, M.H.I. Ibrahim, M. K. Mohd Noor, M.S. Yusof, S. Jamian, S. Salleh, W.A. Siswanto and W.N.A. Wan Muhammad




S. Ilaiyavel et al., "Prediction of Wear Coefficient of Manganese Phosphate Coated AISI D2 Steel with Oil Lubricant", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 315, pp. 117-120, 2013

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April 2013




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