Investigation on the Fretting Wear of a Coated Substrate with Interlayer


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The fretting wear of coated SCMV (high-strength alloy steel) substrate with interlayer is studied with the focus on stresses associated with the coating failure under gross sliding condition. The analysis is simulated using finite element based method for a given number of cycles of worn half cylinder-on-flat geometry. The effect of interlayer stiffness on the stress distributions in the coating is studied. The maximum tensile stress at the trailing edge and the maximum compressive stress at the leading edge are reducing with increasing interlayer stiffness. The maximum shear stress at the coating-interlayer interface is predicted to have negligible effect with the change of interlayer stiffness. All the stresses are generally predicted to reduce with cycle. In general, stiffer interlayer will reduce the risk of coating failure.



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A.E. Ismail, A.J. Alimin, A.L. Mohd Tobi, A. Khalid, H.Z. Abdullah, I. Masood, M.H.I. Ibrahim, M. K. Mohd Noor, M.S. Yusof, S. Jamian, S. Salleh, W.A. Siswanto and W.N.A. Wan Muhammad




A. L. Mohd Tobi et al., "Investigation on the Fretting Wear of a Coated Substrate with Interlayer", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 315, pp. 909-913, 2013

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April 2013




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