2013 International Conference on Machinery, Materials Science and Energy Engineering

Volume 318

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMM.318

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Authors: Ding Feng, Ao Xiao, Zuo Jie Liao, Yu Xie, Chao Ruan, Jia Wei Wang

Abstract: The string is loaded by ground thermal stress, fluid squeeze pressure and gravity in horizontal wells in the process of fracturing. The...

Authors: Hai Bo Zhao

Abstract: This study reviews current researches on gas heat pumps (GHP) in which the gas engine and the compressor are connected with a single-stage...

Authors: Si Zhu Zhou, Xin Long Chen, Jian Ping Li, Jun Xu, Yong Wang

Abstract: In order to obtain the first 4 natural frequencies and vibration modals of ZJ70D drilling rig base. The experimental modal of the base is...

Authors: Pei Qun Su, Zhi Hui Deng

Abstract: Hydraulic control one-way valve as the retaining element of vertical hydraulic cylinder, often is due to improper application to produce...

Authors: Lu Wei

Abstract: According to the difficult question that how to calculate the productivity of coal mine underground extraction-CBM, introduced the method of...

Authors: Hao Cheng Wu, Yong Shou Dai, Wei Feng Sun, Li Gang Li, Ya Nan Zhang

Abstract: Periodic noise is an important manifestation of the drill string vibration signal noise. In order to extract the characteristics of the...

Authors: De Long Leng, Dong Sheng Qu, Yan Wu Liu

Abstract: To reveal the static stiffness behavior of a 6-PTRT parallel robot and find out its change rule in order to provide the reasonable...

Authors: Qiang Wang, Jian Fu Xiao

Abstract: The framework is the main load bearing part of beam pumping unit. Its vibration performance has an important effect on the stability and...

Authors: Hua Shan Su, Guo Lai Yang, Li Qiang Zhang, Wen Bin Cao

Abstract: Analysis external characteristic of hydraulic torque converter by modeling and numerical simulation on a type of YJ series. Using a leafy...


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