China Functional Materials Technology and Industry Forum

Volume 320

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Min Nie, Jiang Ping Sun, Fang Zhou Xu

Abstract: NiZn ferrite material TN40S-X was fabricated by conventional oxide ceramic method. The test results show that the material possesses high...

Authors: Xiao Hui Zhu, Min Nie, Hai Ming Bai

Abstract: The process of preparation of Fe-Si cores is studied, and the influence of different amounts of insulating compounds addition on magnetic...

Authors: Xiao Ming Fu

Abstract: M-ZrO2 nanoparticles with a diameter range of about 10 nm are successfully synthesized with zirconium nitrate as zirconium source...

Authors: Hu Sun, Xiao Ming Fu

Abstract: CuO microrods with a diameter range of 1-2 μm are successfully synthesized with 1 m mol CuCl2 as copper source and 1 m mol...

Authors: Jian Jian Yang, Hua Yan, Zhi De Hu, Shi Xiang Xu

Abstract: Adopting carbonyl iron powder and silicone/mineral oil as suspend phase and dispersed phase separately,and silica, kaolin as lubricant...

Authors: Shan Huang, Ji Gang Wang, Song Liu, Yue Chen Zhang, Liu Qian, Jie Liang

Abstract: SiC nanowires have been synthesized by microwave-vacuum heating method at 1480°C, using silicon powders, silica dioxide powders and...

Authors: Juan Chen, Chen Guang Yang, Hong Wang Zhang, Hao Zeng, Shu Li He

Abstract: TiO2 nanotube arrays were made on the titanium foil by the method of anodic oxidation. Large-area crystallized free-standing...

Authors: Cheng Long Kang, Jin Xiang Deng, Min Cui, Chao Man, Le Kong, Ping Yang

Abstract: The Al2O3-doped ZnO(AZO) films were deposited on the glasses by means of RF magnetron sputtering technology. The films...

Authors: Shi Xing Liu, Wei Zhang, Zheng Fa Hu, Hao Yi Wu, Xia Sheng

Abstract: Ho-doped Yttrium aluminum indium garnet, Y3Al4.5In0.5O12 (YAIG), was synthesized by...


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