A Compact Hybrid Sound Absorber Using Flexible Micro-Perforated Panel and Piezoelectric Actuator


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This paper presents the concept of a compact hybrid sound absorber, based on a combined approach for sound absorption. A flexible micro-perforated panel (MPP) is used as the passive sound absorber for mid and high frequencies and a piezoelectric patch as the active control actuator for low frequency. The volume of this new absorber is highly reduced compare to conventional hybrid systems which employ porous layer as passive part and loudspeaker as active part. The vibration effect of the MPP in the hybrid system is also considered. Theoretical and experimental results show that the flexible MPP has the potential to dissipate more energy and can be utilized to improve absorption performance of the hybrid system by appropriately selecting its parameters.



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Bale V. Reddy




W. G. Zheng et al., "A Compact Hybrid Sound Absorber Using Flexible Micro-Perforated Panel and Piezoelectric Actuator", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 325-326, pp. 8-11, 2013

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June 2013




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