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Authors: Qing Mei Meng
Abstract: In order to improve highly non-isotropic input-output relations in the optimal design of a parallel robot, this paper presents a method based on a multi-objective self-adaptive differential evolution (MOSaDE) algorithm.The approach considers a solution-diversity mechanism coupled with a memory of those sub-optimal solutions found during the process. In theMOSaDE algorithm, both trial vector generation strategies and their associated control parameter values were gradually self-adapted by learning from their previous experiences in generating promising solutions. Consequently, a more suitable generation strategy along with its parameter settings could be determined adaptively to match different phases of the search processevolution.Furthermore, a constraint-handling mechanism is added to bias the search to the feasible region of the search space. The obtained solution will be a set of optimal geometric parameters and optimal PID control gains. The empirical analysis of thenumerical results shows the efficiency of the proposed algorithm.
Authors: Zhan Lei Sun, Peng Fei Han, Gang Zhao
Abstract: Assembly Sequence Planning (ASP) is an essential question for aircraft assembly process design. Modern aircraft assembly contains plenty of complex shape components, which have so many assembly features to ensure, this leads to a large number of feasible assembly sequences using traditional sequence planning algorithms; and it is hard to evaluate the contribution to assembly quality for every sequence. A methodology called Key Characteristics Based ASP is proposed in this paper, which can significantly reduce unavailable sequences and ensure key features for quality in assembly process designing compared with previous methods. The methodology focuses on the final assembly quality and considers it as Assembly Key Characteristics (AKCs) in the beginning of assembly process design. With tools such as AKCs decomposition, Datum Flow Chain, precedence constraint matrix, the methodology describes the main process for ASP. To verify the technologys effectiveness, this paper presents an application of the algorithm in an aircraft component assembly by an 863 program.
Authors: Jia Min Da, Li Ya Wang, Shi Xiong Zhao
Abstract: The joint optimization problem of product schedule and preventive maintenace in the flow shop is NP hard. In this paper, a joint optimization model was firstly established by abstracting the tobacco production process into a equivalent two-machine flow shop. And then a simplified method was proposed to solve the model according to the characteristic of the problem. Finally, a case was used to verify the validity of the model and the effectiveness of the method.
Authors: De Ping Zhang, Yi Min Mo
Abstract: To solve the problem of lacking tools for efficiency testing in the process of automotive driveline optimization, a test bench was developed on the basis of adequate study on the properties of the structure of automobile driveline. Using the test technology to carry out efficiency research of automotive driveline, can not only verify the theoretical analysis, but also find an effective way to improve the efficiency of automotive driveline through the processing of testing data. In the past, most of the research for driveline efficiency is limited to the study of automotive transmission, and it is seldom acceptable to take the entire driveline as the research object to study. Adopting modular structure design, this test bench can not only be used to test the efficiency of entire automobile driveline, but also be used to test the efficiency of single components. Testing results shows that the precision of the test bench has achieved the anticipated goal, and the test bench has the advantages of convenient installation and high automation degree, etc.
Authors: Qiong He, Yu Liu, Hong Ye Ma
Abstract: 5S concept has a great effect on site-improvements, and it has been used to promote productivity, improve the environment of production process, and upgrade the working ability of workers etc. In this paper, 5S concept has been used to balance the production line, and S production line has been shown as an example. In addition, line balance chart and production line utilization rate calculation method have been used to exhibit the effect of 5S site-improvements on production line balance and increasing productivity.
Authors: Feng Yan Yang, Shu Min Li, Zheng Rong Song, Tui Deng, Zeng Bo Wang, Wen Hao Zhang
Abstract: This paper presents the method to perform cutting of welding groove for intersecting of pipes at small angle during Liwan 3-1 CEP jacket fabrication. The mathematical model of the intersecting pipes as well as the cutting method for transition section have been studied using the principle of geometry, which enables fabrication team to print out the full scale template drawing to guide cutting of welding groove for intersecting of braces at small angle. This method has been fully tested during LW3-1 jacket fabrication which indicated that the welding groove can meet the requirements of AWS D1.1 code and the method can be adopted for future jacket construction.
Authors: Qin Yang, Hui Liang Zhao, Ai Zheng Yan, Guan Hao Zhao, Sheng Zhao Luo
Abstract: Based on the current situation and development trend of domestic electric commercial vehicle, we research the mode and the key technology of battery quick change, analyze and compare the three common mode, then put forward a half automatic electric mode which is low cost and high flexibility, accordingly, it can adapt to the current electric car battery quick change development requirements, thus to provide a reference for battery quick change station infrastructure construction planning, and to provide the foundation to improve the battery quick change technology.
Authors: Zhi Hui Dong, Duan Feng Han, Lei Song
Abstract: Virtual reality technology, via imitating natural environment, enables to display a vivid visual environment, which has already been applied in a great deal of domains, such as entertainment, education and training. And three-dimensional terrain plays a key role on the contribution of virtual environment, which directly effluents the reality of virtual environment. This paper firstly introduces the key technologies of creating three-dimensional visualization terrain based on ECT (Environment Creation Tool) and EPX, and then creates a terrain database for ship handing simulator to providing the feasibility of this method.
Authors: Jian Hua Chen, Xi Hui Mu, Feng Po Du, Hao Liang Guo
Abstract: This paper reviews some key technologies and progress in the field of telepresence of teleoperation, meaning human sense and control of remote telerobot. Telepresence is the symbol of teleoperation, phenomenon of which enables the human to feel present at a remote location however a time-delay exits always in the teleoperation system. There are three means to conquer the effect: bilateral control method, virtual model based control and virtual reality technology. By optimizing control strategy user will get a perfect force or visual telepresence. Finally, opinions are given as to the further development of the field.

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