Advanced Technologies on Measure and Diagnosis, Manufacturing Systems and Environment Engineering

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Authors: Shi Xian Sun, Yao Shun Zhu, Cun Yu Cai, Yong Mei Li, Rui Tao, Rong Sun
Abstract: In order to ensure the sustainable development of resource-exhausted cities, with Dongchuan disrict of Kunming as an example, the achievements and problems in the economic transformation, as well the relationship between the geological hazards and mining were analysed, the results showed that Dongchuan has achieved good results in the process of transformation in economy, city transformation, and ecological construction. However, the basic cause of severe natural disasters lie in over-exploitation is ignored for the misunderstanding of the causes of geological disasters. Therefore, the prominent problem in the development of transformation is the insufficient emphasis on eco-environmental protection. Resource-exhausted cities must pay attention to ecological construction in the transformation process for keeping the economic and environmental sustainability.
Authors: Hui Li, Yan Zheng
Abstract: In recent years, the efficacy of Chinese herbal medicines decreases often because of bad storage. It carries huge economic losses, furthermore, it endangers the safety of people's lives. Therefore, it is an urgent need for a new monitoring concepts and monitoring system for medicine warehouse to overcome many shortcomings. Combining the wireless sensor network technology, we researched environment parameter detection system of Chinese herbal medicine storage with a reasonable structure. It can monitor the air temperature, humidity, light, and water content parameters of herbs storage environment. We designed the hardware, software and interactive interface of the monitoring system. The proposed system has a better real-time and more accurate compared with the traditional manual monitoring system.
Authors: Chun Jing Li, Yan Li, He Zhang, Li Ying Tian, Jing Lv
Abstract: The application of microwave catalysis technology in environment pollution abatement has developed fast in recent years. This paper will primarily introduce the fundamental of microwave catalysis reaction, microwave induced reduction of SO2 and NOx and acid gas pollutants abatement, microwave induced oxidation and organic pollutants removal, microwave induced catalytic reduction and photosynthesis simulation and other technological methods closely related with environment pollution abatement.
Authors: P. Cao, Y. Bai
Abstract: Zinc oxide materials with outstanding performance are the broadband gap semiconductor, and make it a number of important subjects and a wide range of applications. In this paper, a Co-doped ZnO film grown by electrodeposition shows room-temperature ferromagnetic properties after the ammine plasma treatment. The XPS spectra show that the Co ions have a chemical valence of 2+ and a few nitrogen atoms was incorporated into ZnCoO film during the treatment process to occupy oxygen positions. The electronic properties also give evidence that nitrogen is incorporated into ZnCoO film. So the ferromagnetism is mediated though the p-d exchange interaction between nitrogen induced carriers and Co atoms.
Authors: Zhuo Jun Shen
Abstract: Mobile network signal is the basic coverage along the highway, and the GSM mobile communication technologies provide a powerful and reliable short message service and data transmission services, a variety of applications based on GSM data transmission platform is also being developed. The paper focuses on highway visibility detection and speed detection, system is constitute of a communication unit that uses the TC35i module and STC89C54 single chip, As well as hardware and software design of the method, GSM precautions in the design process of the highway system are briefly described.
Authors: Wen Xiang Zheng, Ming Sun, Wan Dong Han
Abstract: First, The pressure test on two actual coal mine irregular and different particle sizes of coal and gangue, through the experimental data, using MATLAB software to give a graphic simulation and assumptions test of normal distribution, by the graphics and hypothetical test confirmed that coal and gangue had obvious demarcation, namely the critical force of crushing and storing coal gangue. In a coal mine as an example,and acquisiting more irregular and different particle sizes of coal and gangue were broken by static experiments and dynamic crushing experiment, using the experimental data obtained pressure distribution and pressure distribution curve equation,by equation to solve the crushing critical force FL of the size of 50-90mm coal and gangue,through mathematical and graphical analysis proved the rationality of FL,and providing a basic data for the future work.
Authors: Jing Hao Xiao
Abstract: In this paper, the pressurization of irregular ores was first discussed so as to make an analysis on the causes for the great difference between measured result and actual ores, and then a preliminary pressure experiment was made on a certain quantity of coal and gangue samples extracted from Du'erping Coal Mine through electronic universal testing machine. Therefore, the selective crushing and separation of coal and gangue was preliminarily tested through the testing machine so as to obtain the selective crushing pressure distribution curves of coal and gangue, and then the curves were drawn based on its numerical distribution. The two curves drawn in this way were placed in the same coordinate, and the optimized control of the separation and selection of coal and gangue was made according to the probability values in the coordinate, so as to find a reasonable pressure boundary value and also prove that the separation and selection of coal and gangue are with certain feasibility.
Authors: Qiu Hong Wang
Abstract: In this paper, according to the requirements on energy conservation and emissions reduction, the theoretical foundation for the essence, objective and elements of energy accounting is introduced around energy conservation and consumption reduction, and also energy accounting is elaborated from expenditure expensing and capitalization, recording and accounting, and information disclosure.
Authors: Ling Mei Zhang
Abstract: The geomembrane material because of its impermeability to adapt to form strong, light weight, corrosion resistance, convenient construction, low cost, is one of the main materials engineering seepage control. The following introduces the common geomembrane materials selection and construction procedures and precautions, and proposed a combination of composite impermeable geomembrane material and other impermeable forms and materials practice.

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