Advances in Functional Manufacturing Technologies

Volume 33

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shi Kun Xie, Rong Xi Yi, Xiu Yan Guo, Xiao Liang Pan, Xiao Qiu Zheng

Abstract: In semi-solid remelting process, the various stages of reheating temperature and isothermal holding time must be accurately controlled in...

Authors: Wei Feng Zheng, Jing Quan Wu, Can Liu, Guang Hui Li, Guang Yu Tan

Abstract: Through the orthogonal test in which stainless steel 316 was milled with high speed by solid cemented carbide end cutter, the milling force...

Authors: Jiu Fang Pei, Jin Shi Cheng

Abstract: On the basis of manipulability ellipsoid of manipulator, the velocity directional manipulability of three-fingered dexterous robot hand is...

Authors: Xiao Jun Wang, Zhao Hui Liu

Abstract: Siemens AG SINUMERIK820 is used for high-speed numerical control (NC) grinder, which integers CNC and PLC and is safe and reliable. The...

Authors: Xiang Shu Jin, Bin Hui Rong, Xue Zhong Tang

Abstract: The paper established the mathematical model of plunger-type hydraulic cylinder, founded the simulation model in the SIMULINK environment...

Authors: Yong Shun Luo, Yong Yang, Yu Zhong Li, Xiao Jun Wang

Abstract: Malfunction prediction is a trend of NC machine tool malfunction diagnosis development and the diagnosis accuracy is heavily dependent on...

Authors: Zhang Weng, Z.Q. Jing, Yu Kong, Wei Shen

Abstract: This study investigated the adsorption of congo red by activated carbon-attapulgite composite adsorbent (ACA) and zeolite-attapulgite...

Authors: Ting Fang Zhang, Shi Kun Xie, Ju Hua Huang, Zheng Hua Guo

Abstract: In sheet metal forming, friction condition between sheet metal and mold is a very important problem for it influences the formability and...

Authors: Ya Feng He, Qing Yu, You Ming Wang

Abstract: Application of topological graphs to analyze and synthesize planetary gear trains (PGTs) is an effective approach in searching for...


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