Research on Drilling Process of Nickel-Based Super-Alloy


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Nickel-based super-alloy belongs to difficult-to-machine materials, its machinability is low. To find out the difficulties of drilling nickel-based super-alloy, it is necessary to study the drilling process. The study on the drilling process of nickel-based super-alloy Inconel 718 is discussed from two aspects, drilling deformation and drilling forces distribution. For studying the drilling deformation characteristics and influence laws, the drilling chip specimens are obtained by using self-made drilling quick-stop device. Then, the empirical formula of shear angle is also given. Finally, the drilling forces distribution is studied. Results shows that: drilling deformation decreases when the distance to chisel edge, drilling speed and feed rate increases; drilling deformation of Inconel 718 is larger than AISI 1045; the ratio of torque and thrust force on the lead cutting edge is 29%~33%, 74%~77%, respectively; the torque and thrust force of Inconel 718 is about 1.8~2.3 times than that of AISI 1045.



Edited by:

Dunwen Zuo, Hun Guo, Hongli Xu, Chun Su, Chunjie Liu and Weidong Jin






J. Wu and R. D. Han, "Research on Drilling Process of Nickel-Based Super-Alloy ", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 33, pp. 373-377, 2010

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October 2010





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