Advances in Functional Manufacturing Technologies

Volume 33

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: J.W. Luo, K. Yu

Abstract: As the other creation of material culture, clothes have concrete forms, and reflect the wearer’s taste and appreciation of beauty while...

Authors: J.J. Xi, Pei Nian Wu, Jun Zhao, Wei Wang

Abstract: In this paper, micro-arc oxidation process on magnesium alloy anode in three models alkaline solutions are considered under conditions of...

Authors: Hai Dong Yang, Xi Quan Xia, Zhen Hua Qing

Abstract: The method of “cutting instead of grinding” on hardened steel is always attractive to engineers. To gain this aim the tool material must...

Authors: Xiao Lei Guo, Hui Nan Liu, Wei Gao, Ping Xiang Cao, Yong Guo

Abstract: Wood plastic composites (WPCs) are the industrial products. It is made out of wood waste fibre and waste plastic glued together by heat and...

Authors: Pei Nian Wu, J.J. Xi, Jun Zhao, T.J. Wang

Abstract: In this paper, a hard and thin coating with no loose layer was formed on the surface of the aluminum LC4 by bipolar micro-arc oxidation...

Authors: Hui Min Fang, Guang Sheng Zhang

Abstract: The main defect of the inner-hood is break, which was obtained by the numerical simulation of it’s forming process. The main impacted...

Authors: Guang Sheng Zhang, Hui Min Fang

Abstract: The main factors of stamping forming of auto beam are the thickness of sheet metal, friction coefficient, the die gap and the bind holder...

Authors: Na Jun Wang, Xiang Wang Jin, Jie Wang, Hai Long Diao

Abstract: This paper establishes the workflow of ANSYS parameterized finite element analysis, based on this, the parameterized finite analysis system...

Authors: Lei Cen, Feng Ling Zhang

Abstract: This paper analyzes the current status of rural information in Chinese, and analyzes the influencing factors on the effect of information...

Authors: Xiu Qin Huang, Hui Ping Shen, Xiu Mei Xin

Abstract: The two novel 1-translation and 2-rotation parallel mechanisms are investigated. An analytic solutions corresponding to the forward and...


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