Advances in Functional Manufacturing Technologies

Volume 33

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Da Li Liu, Yuan Yuan Liu, Qing Xi Hu, Fei You, Hai Guang Zhang
Abstract: Based on the analyzing for strengths and weaknesses of the rapid prototyping (RP) and electrospinning technique in the manufacturing of three-dimensional bone scaffold, the defects including RP’s low precision and electrospinning’ low intensity has been found. Accordingly, composite structure forming (CSF) has been proposed. This approach integrates the advantage of rapid prototyping and electrospinning. Furthermore, the modeling method of Scaffold for composition forming has been proposed .At the end, the method of controlling process has been given.
Authors: H.I. Liu, X.P. Li, Y.N. Rui
Abstract: High Speed Centrifugal Hydrogen Compressors are big and critical equipments which are widely used in chemical enterprises. It is very important to monitor their condition on-line and diagnose their failure. Based on the research of EMD (empirical mode decomposition) and correlation dimension and experimental simulation, the vibration signals of a High Speed Centrifugal Hydrogen Compressor’s main spindle are collected when working. Then the signals are decomposed by EMD, their correlation dimensions are calculated and taken as fault feature. Finally, using BP algorithm of a neural network in which there are 3 lays, a satisfied effect of fault diagnosis of a High Speed Centrifugal Hydrogen Compressor has been got. The experiment has confirmed that the method is advanced, reliable and practical. A new method is provided for High Speed Centrifugal Hydrogen Compressors’ fault diagnosis.
Authors: Y.L. Tang, Rong Di Han, Lin Geng
Abstract: The mechanical model of the tapping torque and the friction one were established based on Theoretical Research of Tapping Forces. A series of standard taps with a cutting cone angle of 7°30′ were prepared from high-speed steel W9 and used to tap Nickel-based superalloy GH4169.It was found that the friction torque was about 45% of the total torque as tapping with the standard taps. Friction torque is the main reason in tapping difficult –to-cut materials.
Authors: Miao Hu, Tai Yong Wang, Shuai Yang, Zhi Feng Qiao, Dian Peng Li
Abstract: Basic principles of dynamic design were proposed for the characteristics of machine dynamic performance. Take some curved-tooth bevel gear generator as research object. Its dynamic performance was analyzed and structure was optimized through theoretical analysis, finite element method (FEM) simulation and dynamic test analysis. Results show that these principles are suitable for dynamic performance optimization and design of machine tool.
Authors: Ying Liu, Dun Wen Zuo, Yao Hua Wang, Jun Han, Xiao Qiang Yang
Abstract: Due to hydraulic pump’s multiple fault parameters, imprecision of fault diagnosis and bad fuzzy properties, a novel method of data preprocess to remove the noise disturbance and extract the characteristics of parameters, in which the order analysis is applied, is put forward. Then the hydraulic pump’s fault is diagnosed with decision-level data fusion of multiple sensors. The practical results showed that the fault diagnosis method based on D-S proof theory and decision-level data fusion could promote the accuracy and efficiency of hydraulic pump’s fault diagnosis.
Authors: Xiao Qiang Yang, Ya Ming Gao, Ying Liu, Jun Han
Abstract: Due to the multiple types and complexity of fault diagnosis, the general-purpose testing platform of engineering machinery’s hydraulic system is developed for the maintenance of military equipment. The general function and structure of the testing platform is presented. The hardware system consists of modular circuit, integrates control computer of embedded controller with PXI-interfaced modular instrument, program-controlled device, connector and adapter hardware. And the software program comprises data management module, fault diagnosis module coupled to the data acquisition module, signal processing module, experiment condition control module, database access module, system configuration and self-test as well as help module. Further, the hardware characteristics are showed and the principle of hydraulic testing platform is presented. The universal testing platform offers enormous benefits for fault diagnosis and condition monitoring of military equipment and machinery.
Authors: Shu Cai Yang, Min Li Zheng, Yi Hang Fan
Abstract: Titanium alloy membrane disk is a typical part in aerial engine and it belongs to variable cross-section thin-wall part, which is apt to change its nature and difficult to machine. Serrated chip is prone to create in the machining process. A periodic serrated chip will cause high frequency undulation of the cutting force, and further leads to the cutting tool wear and affect the surface’s integrity. Based on the turning of titanium membrane disk, this paper used metallographic microscope and SEM to observe the morphology and micro shape of the chip, and analyzed the influence of cutting conditions on chip formation and the reason for serrated chip. Finally, a FEM analysis on the chip formation process is completed. Analysis results show that under all the set cutting conditions the serrated chip was formed in the machining process. The shearing slippage and fracture caused by dislocation movement can better explain the formation mechanism of serrated chip. The feed rate has great effect on the chip formation and the forming frequency of serrated chip. The FEM analysis results primly consistent with the experiment results, which can accurately forecast the cutting force, the distribution of temperature and the surface quality.
Authors: Rong Di Han, Hui Wang, Y. Zhang, Q.W. Yao
Abstract: The machinability of nickel-based superalloy GH4169 is very poor, the traditional machining of GH4169 using the cutting fluids with the active additives causes environmental and health problems, which is out of the request of the sustainable development strategy. In this paper a new green cutting technology with overheated water vapor as coolants and lubricants was proposed to achieve the aim of green cutting and high productivity. Cutting experiments and tool wear tests using carbide tool YG6 under dry cutting, emulsion and water vapor were performed. The cutting force, cutting temperature, machined surface quality and tool life were investigated; the curve of flank tool wear and relation between tool life and cutting velocity was carried out. The results of experiments indicated that during water vapor condition, the cutting force and cutting temperature was reduced, the machined surface roughness was improved, and the tool life was longed, respectively, and the higher velocity was taken during the some tool wear condition compared to dry cutting. The research results show that green cutting was achieved associated with overheated water vapor cooling and lubricating, at he same time the machined surface quality and production efficiency was increased.
Authors: Zhu Gao, Xiao Min Ji, Hun Guo
Abstract: In this paper, we concentrate on the ontology-Based design knowledge modeling technologies for the product form. For that, we study the ontology modeling theory, the representation of product design knowledge. From the view of the DKM, the product form prototype and its mathematical model will be established for Product Forms Innovative Design System (FIDS).
Authors: Shu Hua Zhang
Abstract: With the rapid growth of economic globalization and the increasing change rate of economic environment, corporations suffer from more and more violent competitive pressures and challenges. Thus favorable corporation governance and internal control become the crucial factors for the corporations to survive and develop. There is a great correlation between corporation governance and internal control, which complements and promotes mutually. The correlation, as the core of modern corporate system, attracts people’s attention increasingly and becomes the focus to study and explore. The management of a company involves shareholders, operators, creditors, staff, and consumers and so on. The management aims at optimizing the arrangement of the internal control system, also known as the structure of the utmost important internal control system, which balances the rights, responsibilities and interests of the involved parties on the premise of efficiency and equality. By this structure, the goals of the company and the measures of achieving the goals thus can be made. The reform of the system of the companies in China attaches more and more attention to the management of a company especially in the managerial practice of the listed companies. A series of the rules of management and control have been made, which shows that the reform of the companies has come to the new phase of managerial specialization.

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