Advances in Functional Manufacturing Technologies

Volume 33

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bo Kui Li, Yuan Wei Liu, Dun Wen Zuo, Nian Nian Li

Abstract: A new concept of surface geometric microtexture design is put forward in this article. The conditions of surface geometric microtexture are...

Authors: Z.G. Wang

Abstract: Quantum entanglement is one of the distinctive features of quantum mechanics, which is an effective approach to realize quantum...

Authors: Chao Zheng Zhou, De Jun Kong, Yu Feng Yan

Abstract: VC coating was prepared on the surface of Cr12MoV cold working die steel by TD process, and its friction and wear properties were researched...

Authors: Wen Hui Zhao, Zhen Yun Duan, She Liu

Abstract: Metal bellows are widely used as its many advantages. However, in the process of welding, the welding quality and welding speed is affected...

Authors: Dai Qiang Peng, Feng Xu

Abstract: The analysis and identification of wear particles for machine condition monitoring is usually very time-consuming by experienced inspectors....

Authors: B. Zhao

Abstract: In this work, the artificial neural network model and statistical regression model are established and utilized for predicting the fiber...

Authors: Nan Sang

Abstract: This paper uses Pro/E to establish three-dimensional geometric model of drive axle housing, and then introduces it into ABAQUS for FEA, The...

Authors: Yue Zhang, Qi Dong Li, Tai Li Sun, Xi Chuan Zhang

Abstract: The copper - aluminum pipe has been widely used in the refrigeration industry. And the welding quality becomes the focus. A PLC control...

Authors: Yuan Wei Liu

Abstract: Formulae of stress re-distribution and distortion by stress releasing during milling process are deduced by elasticity theory. Theory...

Authors: B.Q. Zhu, J.Q. Niu, Q.L. Jin, Z.L. Yu, C.H. Piao

Abstract: With the rapid development of economic society, more and more people are suffering from the huge pressure that comes from all aspects. So...


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