Advances in Functional Manufacturing Technologies

Volume 33

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yuan Yuan Liu, Chang Juan Jing, Qing Xi Hu, Qing Wei Li, Q.G. Wang

Abstract: Power is the direct force in the process of electrospinning, as voltage takes one of the great main roles effecting the quantity of the...

Authors: D.X. Chen, G. Wang

Abstract: Cerebella Model Articulation Controller (CMAC) is considered as local association and generalization neural network. Parametric CMAC...

Authors: R.D. Xu, Jun Li Wang, Y.Z. Zhang

Abstract: Ni-W-P/CeO2-SiO2 nano-composites were prepared on carbon steel surface by pulse co-deposition of Ni, W, P, CeO2 and SiO2 nano-particles. The...

Authors: Xu Xu Wang, Li Chen

Abstract: Z-pins are thin fibrous composite or metallic rods that could increase the strength of laminated composites in the thickness direction. In...

Authors: Zhi Ming Qu

Abstract: During shock wave propagation in the pipeline, the flow field of speed, pressure and temperature is evenly distributed. If there are...

Authors: Guang Wei Chen, G.F. He, Jia Lu Li

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to investigate the tensile property of laminated resin composites reinforced by carbon fiber plain woven fabric...

Authors: Ming Zhou, P. Jia

Abstract: The development of the ability to machine glass materials to optical tolerances is highly desirable. The machinability of glass is poor in...

Authors: Wei Zhu, De Jun Kong, Ai Ping Hu

Abstract: A six dimensional vibration damping device is introduced which is composed of Hexapod parallel mechanism and six controllable damp units...

Authors: Mei Hua Chen, T.C. Shi, X. Hu, J.H. Cai

Abstract: Bio-manufacture is an interdisciplinary research area, which is based on the development of rapid prototyping technology, biomaterial and...

Authors: A.H. Wang

Abstract: High-frequency DC/DC converter used in underground coal mine waste large energy, and it doesn't anti-high voltage, so, it is unstable. In...


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