Advances in Functional Manufacturing Technologies

Volume 33

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chun Jie Liu, Bing Shou Zhu

Abstract: For the micro torsion bar used in inertial navigation, the torsional stiffness should be evaluated precisely. A computer-controlled...

Authors: Yu Xia Qin, Ji Hong Jia, Zhi Wei, Mei Lin Gu, Tong Hui Li, Yu Tao Wang

Abstract: This study deals with the effect of tool–surface inclination on cutting forces in ball end milling .Since glass undergoes almost no elastic...

Authors: Y.J. Wang, Ming Zhou, S.N. Huang, Y.J. Zhang

Abstract: This paper presents an experimental study in high speed milling of metal matrix composites (MMCs). Machining tests were carried out on a...

Authors: Feng Chen Liu, Lan Yu Yang

Abstract: As a kind of active thermal-control technology, emissivity of the radiation surface greatly can be changed effectively by electric...

Authors: Shu Guang Niu, Lan Yu Yang

Abstract: One kind of standard model equipment of three-dimensional coordinate measurement machine with non-contract curved surface used for...

Authors: Ya Zhou Sun, H.T. Liu

Abstract: In order to analyze the dynamic mechanical property of steel 4340 during its micro-milling, finite element method is used to simulate the...

Authors: Bo Qian

Abstract: In sterolithgraphy rapid prototyping, the support can constraint the parts deformation, and avoid a lot of problems such as collapse, shift...

Authors: De Gong Chang, Cun Sheng Zhang, Ning Ning Yu, S.L. Yao

Abstract: In this paper, the cop slide groove spatial linkage mechanism was studied by utilizing the 3D software UG to build models and assemble cop...

Authors: Shi Bo Wang, Cheng Wang

Abstract: There are many problems on informationization construction in the small and medium-sized enterprise, how to deal with, it is must be...

Authors: De Gong Chang, Cong Feng An, Z. Yang, L.P. Liu

Abstract: In this paper, the splicing chamber flow and influencing factors of splice as well as the structure parameters of splicing chamber and flow...


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