Advances in Functional Manufacturing Technologies

Volume 33

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Pu Xing, Xiu Jie Yin, Jing Yun Zhao

Abstract: The mixing blades of concrete mixer, is a relatively complex spatial surface, which is difficult to manufacture. The high cost of...

Authors: R. Wang

Abstract: An active service architecture called AAS (active service based on acquaintances) for intelligent manufacturing environments was proposed....

Authors: Wei Zhang, Min Li Zheng, Ming Ming Cheng, Wen Yong Shi

Abstract: By high speed turning experiment of aerospace engine titanium alloy membrane discs, it researches cutting parameters influence on machined...

Authors: Peng Zhang, Gang Chen, Bin Guo, Shu Kang Cheng

Abstract: Porous membrane materials have the universal use, so it is widely considered as one of the most promising high-tech. Different membranes...

Authors: Xue Song Zhao, Min Fang

Abstract: In view of the difficulty in the selection of technological parameter in power-mixed pulse electrochemical polishing, a scheme based on...

Authors: Shi Wei Cao, Zhao Qian Jing, Xiao Zhong Zhang

Abstract: The adsorption characteristic to the phosphorus in polluted water was discussed between two different calcium content fly ash biological...

Authors: Xiu Li Guo, Huai Min Lu, Wen Xuan Xu

Abstract: The stamping technique of the automobile covering panel parts is analyzed, and a collaborative design method combined the automobile...

Authors: Feng Kui Cui, Xuan Jing He, Yan Li, Zhi Ren Han

Abstract: To optimize the process parameters of cold rolling the finite element model of metal plastic flow in cold rolling was carried out based on...

Authors: Zhao Lin Han, Yang Yang Wang

Abstract: Based on the importance of regenerative braking system (RBS) to EV’s sustained travel mileage and prolonging life of mechanical brake. This...

Authors: Hong Mei Wang, Xiao Chun Ma, Xiao Juan Wang

Abstract: Gear noise is the main part of mechanical transmission noise. There are many factors influencing gear noise, and gear accuracy will exert...


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