Advances in Functional Manufacturing Technologies

Volume 33

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hong Mei Chen, Zhi Yong Wu, Wei Jin

Abstract: Regional technological innovation ability is increasingly becoming the determining factor to attain an international competitive advantage...

Authors: Jian Hui Cai, Ting Chun Shi, Xian Hu, Mei Hua Chen

Abstract: The rapid development of tissue engineering brings new hope to the neurological function recovery after spinal cord injury. The...

Authors: Xing Qiang Ba, Yong Ming He, Bao Quan Zhu

Abstract: Forest safety and the application of virtual prototyping technology were investigated. Forest patrolling and fire-fighting vehicle was...

Authors: Wei Wang, Jun Feng Cheng

Abstract: This paper establishes competitiveness evaluation model of the service outsourcing city from six aspects and 36 indicators. Then take 20...

Authors: Xiu Hui Qi, Tien An Zhang, Zhi Yong Wu, Wei Wang

Abstract: Taken the 20 road-transportation listed companies in China as the research object, the author evaluated the efficiency of its operation with...

Authors: Hong Mei Zhao, Ge Yang

Abstract: To make product frame model with good size parameters and assembly accuracy, 3D measurements for current product model are established by...

Authors: Can Liu, J.Q. Wu, W.F. Zheng, G.H. Li, Guang Yu Tan

Abstract: In order to obtain the variational regularity of force in high-speed milling 316 stainless steel with carbide tools, an orthogonal milling...

Authors: Shan Zhong, Yong Qiang Yang

Abstract: The rapid prototyping system usually uses triangulation data of STL format. For the scattered point cloud data, this paper adopts the data...

Authors: C.S. Zhu, Ling Xu, X.F. Fang, S.W. Zhang, H.Y. Wang

Abstract: The virtual machining process system is built based on VERICUT platform to simulate the whole procedure of machining marine diesel engine...

Authors: Yaon An Cheng, Li Quan Wang, Ming Yang Wu, Zhen Jia Li

Abstract: This article takes the waved-edge milling insert (the rake face is curve plane) developed by Harbin University of Science and Technology as...


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