Automatic Manipulation of Parts Made from Yielding Material


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The goal of the presented research in this theses is acquiring a concept while researching the process of manipulating with materials in the shape of a thin rectangular metal sheets. The gained results from the FEM calculation have a graphic output, on which the dimensions of the observed object, the placement of the suction grippers and a colored course of elastic deformation and stress caused are illustrated throughout the metal sheet. The design and its process contribute to making the job of the constructor while designing suction grippers, more effective and simple. The results from the experiment and the simulation, where processed through statistical evaluation and as a result the coefficients were corrected for optimal simulation.



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Adrian Olaru




J. Slamka et al., "Automatic Manipulation of Parts Made from Yielding Material", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 332, pp. 423-430, 2013

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July 2013




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