Research on Stress-Strain Field and Fatigue Lifetime of the Hot Stamping Die


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In hot stamping process, the die suffers complex thermal mechanical loads. In this paper, the process model and the materials model were set up. And with the example of U-channel forming, a coupled thermal-mechanical analysis is performed with ABAQUS. According to the simulation result, the stress and strain fields of the die show a great uneven distribution in place and time. And the explanation for the non-uniform was given out in this paper. Finally, the fatigue life of the die was evaluated, and the suggestions were proved for optimizing the fatigue lifetime of hot stamping die.



Edited by:

Shengyi Li, Yingchun Liu, Rongbo Zhu, Hongguang Li, Wensi Ding






L. Zhang et al., "Research on Stress-Strain Field and Fatigue Lifetime of the Hot Stamping Die", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 34-35, pp. 1630-1634, 2010

Online since:

October 2010




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